SIZEGENETICS REVIEW: How I Gained 2.8 Inches In Lenth + 1.1 Inches In Girth – (BEFORE + AFTER PICS BELOW VIDEO)

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Hi there guys. My name is Daniel Nash and welcome to my SizeGenetics Review video. So here you see in front of me the SizeGenetics device and the box it actually comes in as well.

So it’s sort of a little presentation case. All it says is Size Genetics on the outside and it’s completely lockable as well. So if you do want to keep it around the household, then it’s completely inconspicuous. It’s like a toolbox so it’s able to be hidden anywhere. So this device, it actually is pretty simple to build. You do have to build it. It comes inside this box.

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What it comes with is you get the base plate, which is this piece. It goes around the base of your penis. This comes together as one unit. You see on the ends here fittings. You’re able to screw different length bars in, which also come with it.

So this makes it capable for you to start at any size you are at the moment and obviously as you grow with the device, then you can add extra length to the bars and obviously you can still use it, so which is the most important thing.

It comes in one size. It’s a universal size like I said. You can start off really small and as you get your gains, you can increase the size of it.

The difference between SizeGenetics and other penis enlargers out there is it actually comes with a 16-way support system. So this part here in front is actually just one type of support. Now I know it doesn’t look like the most pleasing of devices put on your penis but actually it is quite comfortable to wear.

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With any penis enlarger, especially one that works under tension like SizeGenetics, it’s important that it’s comfortable because at the end of the day, you can be wearing it for quite a long time to see results. So it’s important that it is comfortable for you to wear.

So just to show you some of the other things, it comes with this sponge ring that you put around your penis as well, just around the head. You can put it inside this. That makes it more comfortable. Some little silicon straps that also give grip but still provide comfort at the same time if you want to use that.

The other way people use it is with the silicon strap like this. Again, you put it around the foam. Put it through the holes, the end piece here, which can also hold your penis in place. Personally this is my favourite way. I found that this is what I find most comfortable but some people differ.

Let’s get back to the device and how it actually works. The SizeGenetics device works under tension. So what happens is it stretches your penis over time through the springs. You see it pushes together here and what this does is it stretches your cells or tissue cells inside your penis and actually grow back with increased mass, so which is what gives you your size. New cells form and that’s when you get blood flow to your penis. We will see these new cells also take up blood flow which is what gives you bigger and harder erections.

Now I wore the SizeGenetics Extender for 11 months and in those 11 months I actually gained 2.8 inches in length. So there’s your proof. It does actually work. Now I was a bit sceptical about trying it to start with, like you can be with most things.

I’ve looked at other things out there to try and to be honest, I didn’t have any results to start with, with any of that. So I went for this device in the end. I found some money off discount for it and they offered a guarantee as well, a money back guarantee if I didn’t get any results. So it was sort of a win-win situation to start with which is what made me buy it and since then, it has just gone on and on.

So with that, that is probably the best thing I bought. I wasn’t exactly comfortable to start with, not exactly confident either. So not only has it given me length. It has also given me some extra confidence as well with enough confidence to get up there and actually start reviewing things like this.

If you’re looking for penis enlargement, this does take time. It’s not going to be an instant overnight gain like surgery would be but it’s definitely the way forward. You can do it gradually, over time, and in your own time which is the most important thing and you will get there in the end.

So without any more going on about my results of it, I do recommend that you try it. If you’re looking for something to increase the size of your penis out there, this is definitely recommended. You can actually click the link below the video and that will take you through some deals and discounts on there as well.

So if you do decide the SizeGenetics device is right for you, then you can have a look through there and make the purchase by clicking on the link below. 

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