Who Is Daniel Nash?


Hi there, my name’s Daniel Nash. Today I’m here to tell you a little bit more about myself, obviously, why I chose penis enlargement and a little bit more about my penis enlargement story. So basically, started when I was 17; I started researching different ways to try and enlarge my penis, primarily because I wasn’t happy with it. Through being laughed at, women problems, never got close enough and when I did I got burned for it, it was horrible, probably the lowest point in my life.

That’s no over exaggeration, it really did feel like that sometimes and you get in a cycle, a depression cycle; so that’s what made me start looking for ways to enlarge my penis. So I was researching for about a year and a half. So confusing out there, different places telling you different things; what works, what doesn’t, very confusing. It was on January the 1st 2009 I actually ordered it. It would just put me off, I’d go back and have a look at it somewhere else, other methods.  So what actually made me do something, change my mind and get a penis enlargement device, well it was on January the 1st 2009 I actually ordered it.

It was my birthday the previous night, New Year’s Eve, 19th birthday, party and everything, everything was great, a friend I actually had at the time; we ended up getting a bit fruity, shall we say, so we went back to the bedroom and yeah, that was the worst experience. Came down to it and she went down there and just ran off laughing, saying “I can’t do this, you’ve got too small a penis” basically, so I didn’t know what to do and that was what made me think “Right, I’ve got to do something about it.”

I used my birthday money, bought myself the first extender that looked good to me, it was actually a penis extender that I bought, the SizeGenetics Penis Extender and between then and sort of November, start of December 2009, I actually saw 2.8 inches in length gain and 1.1 inches in girth from using the extender; awesome results and it really did change my life but yeah, without any exaggeration, that’s what made me decide to do it.

It worked for me which was quite lucky, it was a bit impulsive, I just though to find the best thing, because I’d been researching them anyway, find the best thing out there that I’d done the research on previously anyway and just go for it. I’m grateful that it did actually work for me; it’s a great device, obviously you have to them right anyway, but that’s my story.

Since then and now, what I’ve done is I’ve actually tested another penis extender out, another top one on the market to see how it ranks or rates compared to mine, for the purpose of this website. I haven’t actually tested and used it but I’ve tried it on so I’ve ranked it in terms of value for money and comfort. That’s my story and that’s how I’ve come to this point; Basically I just want to help people out there like yourselves.

It’s an awkward situation, it’s a horrible situation to be in when you feel low, depressed, no confidence in yourself because you think you’ve got a small penis, or you have got a small penis. You can change it; there’s no doubt about it, it can be changed, you can fix it. you have to do it in the right way and you have to be committed to it, they’re the two main points that actually gave me my gains, you get the right penis extender to do it with and you stick to it.

That’s what I’ve done this website for, basically to show you what does actually work out there. Like I say, it took me a year and a half and it put me off every time I saw someone saying something like “This product works, that product works, that one doesn’t” then you’d see something else about it; it’s just confusing, you end up taking yourself away from it, which is not what you want because you want to enlarge your penis.

So here I am; on this site my aim is to help out as many people that are in that position I was in to do something about it, because you can actually do it if you just stick your mind to it, you pick the right extender and, like I say, that’s what this is here for. I’ve actually tried and tested the penis extenders out, the one I’ve actually used personally and, like I say, the other one I have rated.

See what you think and if you need to contact me or you want any advice in any way about penis extenders and penis enlargement in general or want to know a little bit more about my story, you can actually contact me directly through the contact tab on this website and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you’ve got. Hopefully this website helps you in some sort of way and thanks for listening guys, I’ll see you in some of my other videos.

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