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Hi there, my name’s Daniel Nash and this is my comparison review of the Size Genetics extender and the X4 Labs extender. The Size Genetics extender is the one I actually first got my gains with, it’s the first one I decided to buy and use.

The X4 Labs one is one I’ve just bought for this website just to show you guys out there what else is available, so I’ve rated this in terms of how comfortable it is to wear, also value for money, etc.

SizeGenetics And X4 Labs

So the Size Genetics extender; this is the one I actually saw my gains with, in 11 months I actually gained 2.8 inches in length and 1.1 inches in girth with it, i know it, it’s proven to work. I haven’t tried this one out to see any gains but, like I say, I’m just going to compare them in terms like value for money and comfort. You have to wear penis extenders for sort of four to five hours a day; that’s what I recommend, that’s what I used anyway and that’s how I saw my gains.

So for the purpose of this comparison, if you use them for four to five hours a day, they’ve got to be comfortable to wear. The Size Genetics I wore for 11 months and it was comfortable to wear, with the package I got as well, you got some traction powder and some moisturising cream, so when you’re wearing it that long you just put it on afterwards and that was quite nice to use, not that I noticed any sores, but it kept it fresh and the skin good. The X4 Labs had nothing like that come with it.

The Pros And Cons

They both offer different comfort systems, it was comfortable to wear, they both have special comfort systems. So this one’s got a 16 way comfort system, so you get different straps, this one here is personally the one I like to use.

This one’s also got a strap, they’ve got silicon harnesses, silicon straps, with this one, this one is slightly different it’s got silicon strap, the harness but it’s also got a quad support system. I’ve tested it out; I didn’t notice actually any difference in it, but what it’s supposed to do is naturally increase both sides of the penis a lot more efficiently, but like I say, it didn’t seem anymore comfortable to me, so they’re even in terms of comfort.

In terms of different bonuses, obviously it depends on what package you get, with the Size Genetics I got the ultimate package, this is the gold package, the X4 Labs, you’ll notice it’s supposed to be plated in 24 karat gold, haven’t actually tested that but that’s what it claims.

Value For Money

The Size Genetics top package was about $350, this top package was about $400, you can actually get discount codes on each of them; this one offers you $50 off, the x4 Labs offers you $75 off, so the Size Genetics, even with the discount code, actually worked out cheaper, but it depends how flashy you want to look .

So value for money, depending on what package you get, the Size Genetics device wins overall. The Starting package With Size Genetics you do get warranty with. You also get a warranty on the X4 Labs but you don’t get it on the starter package. You get a warranty with all of the Size Genetics packages, but not the starter package of the X4 Labs.

Proven Success Rates

They are both medically approved; they’ve both been tested and proven to work by medical professionals, so they are even on that front. They both offer warranties, the amount of warranty you get depends on the different packages. Both offer a six month money back guarantee, so if you don’t see any gains, you get your money back.I am not too sure on the success rates of each of them; this one’s about a 97% success rate, as I’ve seen on their website, and it’s proven to work for me.

I’m not sure about the X4 Labs, being honest. The different bonuses you get with them depends on what package you get.You get penis exercise DVDs with both of them; I prefer the penis health that comes with Size Genetics to the penis access that comes with the X4 Labs. It all depends what bonuses you want, you can check that all out on the comparison table below and just have a look at that.

The Best Penis Extender

In terms of comfortability they are the same, in terms of warranty and value for money I’m going to be a bit more biased towards Size Genetics because I’ve actually seen results and I’ve actually used it. Talking about penis extenders in general, if you are thinking about them, I definitely recommend using them. I’m going to say Size Genetics as my overall favourite.But it depends on what you want completely, if you want a gold extender Size Genetics does not come in this.

The discount codes are actually available in the comparison table below as well for you to use, but what I will say if you’re thinking about penis enlargement, it actually took me longer to research different ways to enlarge my penis than it did for me to actually buy the device and get the gains.

Why You Should Use Penis Extenders

So if you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’re not feeling confident in yourself; I know how it feels. I plead with you to at least do something about it. As long as you use them right and you actually use them and you’re committed to using them, you will see the gains, there’s no doubt about it, they are both proven to work.

Just take action on it, like I say, I spent longer not doing anything about it and I nearly didn’t do anything about it than it did for me to actually do it, get the confidence and actually get the gains. I’m a whole lot better for it; not just in terms of penis size, but confidence, I’ve actually got a girlfriend now, I’ve got the confidence to have sex, I’ve got the confidence to chat up women as well, which is important.

Any Questions

If you’ve got any questions about my comparison between the two, you want to know a little bit more about each or if you want any advice and you’re still unsure about penis enlargement or penis extenders, just contact me via the contact tab on this website and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you’ve got, everything you say to me is in confidence.

Hopefully this review and the other reviews out there have helped you, check out each review if you like, I have individual reviews of each penis extender, just check them out and see what you think, but remember most importantly, if you’re going to think about it, if you’re thinking about it; don’t think, just do it.

Buy SizeGenetics (How I Gained 2.8 Inches)

Buy X4 Labs (A Good Alternative)

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