Max Performer – Natural Male Enhancement Supplement For Men Who Want Bigger + Harder Erections

max-performerMax Performer is one of the latest natural male enhancement supplements available to men online who are looking for a natural solution to increase sex drive, stamina and get bigger erections that stay hard.

How Does It Work?

Max Performer contains a blend of natural ingredients that work together to give you the following benefits…

• Bigger, Harder + Thicker Erections
• Stay Hard For Longer
• Increase Sexual Desire
• Increase Sexual Stamina + Last Longer
• Increase Ejaculation Volume
• Intensify Orgasms

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Max Performer Ingredients

The thing that stands out is the fact that the people who created Max Performer have spent a lot of time researching ingredients to create the best possible formula.

The formula is made up of 4 main ingredients in high dosages and 7 supporting ingredients.

Horny Goats Weed (1000mg)

Horny Goats Weed is also know by it’s scientific name epimedium and is a very well known for it’s ability to increase sexual desire, naturally boost testosterone, increase blood flow to the genital area for bigger and harder erections and improve overall sexual function. Max Performer contains 1000mg of horny goats weed per daily dose (2 tablets)

Maca (1000mg)

Maca was used by Inca tribes in Peru for centuries as a natural tonic to increase stamina strength and endurance. It’s has been proven to be beneficial in the production of sperm and semen and also to increase sexual desire and stamina. Max Performer also delivers a powerful 1000mg of maca per daily serving.

Korean Red Ginseng (1000mg)

This type of ginseng is well know as the best and most effective type of ginseng. It’s best know for it’s ability to increase sexual desire, boost blood flow to the genital areas and increase energy levels and stamina.

Cordyceps (1000mg)

This mushroom extract is known for its ability to increase oxygen levels, increase blood flow, sex drive and stamina.

Bioperine (15mg)

An extract from black pepper. This ingredient is commonly used in premium health supplements to help your body completely absorb the other ingredients in the supplement. In short this ingredient makes the other ingredients work even better.


Selenium is found in Brazil nuts and helps to reduce stress on your cells. It causes the tissues in your penis to relax which increases blood flow and helps combat erection problems.

Vitamin B2, B3 + B5

The B vitamins are known as the energy vitamins and can also help increase sperm production, improve sexual stamina and intensify orgasms.


Iron boosts testosterone levels and increases blood flow to your penis.


Zinc is an essential mineral for maintaining a healthy body. Zinc is well know for it’s ability to increase sperm count + sperm health. it is also essential in keeping testosterone levels high.

Max Performer Testimonials

At the time of writing the testimonials page on the website only has a few testimonials, however the ones they have are clearly real testimonials from people who have e-mailed them and sent a picture of themselves with the box as proof.

It’s clear these are real people unlike other websites who just write some text and claim it to be from a real person. Some of these sites even use stock images of people which is a bit of a joke.

Customer Support

The Max Performer support is pretty good. They have a live chat feature on the website so you can ask questions in real time. If they are offline when you visit, you can easily leave a message.

Payment Methods

The main payment method on the website is PayPal and you can make payment with a credit or debit card through Paypal (even if you dont have a PayPal account)

The name on your credit card statement will be “silverblade”

Where Can You Buy Max Performer?

You can only order Max Performer from the Official Website. The supplement is guaranteed to work and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.