Penomet Review

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Hi there guys. It’s Daniel Nash here and today I’m here reviewing the Penomet Penis Pump device just to see whether it’s a good alternative to a lot of the stuff out there, to the extender that I’ve actually used as you will see on my website.

You can actually use this for enlargement. The reason I bought this – there are a couple of penis pumps out there. Main reason was this had some good reviews on it. I had some people ask me questions about have I seen this and is it a good option. So I did to use it and review it and see if it actually worked or not.

I haven’t used it for long enough. I’ve only tested it for a week or so just to see what it’s like for comfortability and actually if I can see you getting any gains out of it.

Reason I bought this one was because of the reviews on it but also because it was the largest one available out there as well. So there are some smaller ones but if you’re looking to enlarge and you want to get some gains and stuff, you don’t want to have to swap pumps.

5 Different Strength Gators

If you do, you get those gains and you can’t use it anymore. So this one I bought comes with – it’s completely interchangeable. It comes with five of these gators. They’re all different strengths basically. It works under suction so what you do is you put your penis in the base here and you pump it several times until you create suction unless you can’t hear anymore and then you release it using the safety valve at the top.

The good thing about this is you can actually put your penis in it flaccid which is something you can’t do with the extender. I like it actually. It’s comfortable to wear. In terms of value for money, you get it for around the same price as an extender. The difference is, you can’t wear this under your trousers or anything like that. But you don’t have to keep it erect. Like I say, you put it in there flaccid and what it does when you pump it is it actually draws blood to that area of your body which is what gives you an erection.

You Can Use In AND Out The Bath

You can use this one even in the bath or out the bath as well. They do recommend that if you use out of the bath as an air pump, that you put like a silicone lubricant at the base there just to create the suction and keep the suction in.

There’s actually a lot with the guide. In terms of the guide they give you, they use a guide. There’s a lot of information in here about how to use it, something which you don’t actually get with the penis pumps and with a lot of the devices out there because to be honest, 90 percent of them are complete and utter rubbish. But this one, I mean the detail it gives you in here about problems, if you’re having problems with it as well, warnings, how to use it. It’s actually very good.

So I will go through what you actually get with the one that I bought. You get the base and you get the interchangeable – these are medical grade silicone as well so they’re completely safe to use. You get 460. Basically it’s just the hardness of the rubber. Some of them are harder to compress which is what gives you the extra suction.

So you get a 460, 465, 470, 475 and 480. Now you know it’s different but how easy that is to compress and that one is slightly harder. For hard silicone, they are comfortable to wear. The other stuff you get, it’s important that you do clean afterwards and you get two of these bottles with the device as well. So after you’ve used it, you just give that a spray and wash out and leave it to dry. Don’t pat it down because that will – if you’re using like a cloth or something, the bacteria will get in it.

So that’s important. Actually I do like it as a device. I can see where you can get the gains out. Obviously I haven’t had it long enough to see the gains myself and I’ve got mine from the extender. But I actually do think that you could see some serious gains with this if you use it properly obviously in the bath and out the bath as well.

My Personal Recommendation

Personally I recommend using it in the bath but you fill it up with water just to manage it. Just like that, pump it every sort of five minutes. Just give it an extra pump just to keep the suction in. It has got safety valves. So if the pressure does get too much, it automatically releases it and if you’re sucking up too much and it is painful for you, then you can just release it by pulling the pressure valve at the top as well.

Another good thing about it, is you can actually measure your gains on the side of the flask. There it has got inches and centimeters on each side. That’s pretty cool as well. Some of the others have actually got like stick-ons. So if you’re using it in the bath, eventually they’re going to come off whereas this is actually in the plastic. So that’s quite cool.

Now there is some good sort of terms of use on how to actually use them inside the guide, more of which I’ve got on the base of the website. There should be a discount code up there as well if you do decide it’s right for you.

A Good Alternative To a Penis Extender

I recommend it as a good alternative to the extender actually. Obviously if you’ve got the time in the evening and stuff, this would probably be better to use, more comfortable to use because of the fact that you don’t have to take it on and off.

If you’ve got any questions about it, please just ask me and I will be happy to help you in any way I can and yeah, thanks for listening guys and I will see you soon.