So… Why Should I Use a Penis Extender?

Alright, maybe you’ve read about penis extenders, and maybe you’re thinking ‘is this really the best route to go down?’ – so what I’m going to do is briefly explore the huge benefits of using an approved, proven and registered penis extender instead of using dodgy pills or unsafe devices when growing your manhood (successfully)!

1. They Work

I think we can both agree that this is the most important point about finding a way of growing your penis… doing something that actually works.

But you’d be surprised how much rubbish there is on the internet, trying to sell you a fake pill that doesn’t work, or trying to give you dangerous advice that could actually damage your penis.

Remember: I managed to grow 2.8 inches in length and 1.1 inches in girth. How? I used a registered penis extender, and it works (there are loads of other tests proving that they work, but I just wanted to share my own results)

2. The Results Don’t Vanish

You might not know this if you’ve never bought pills or tried an un-tested method, but if you have, you’ll know that many ‘alternative’ ways of growing your penis don’t work, and the ones that seem to quickly disappear.

In other words, sure you might get half an inch for a few weeks… but how long does that last?….┬áNot long – because all these methods do is artificially swell your penis.

A penis extender actually builds the tissue that your penis is made of… and look at me – 3 years on and my penis is still 7.3 inches!

3. Used by Doctors Globally

I bet you didn’t know that. Doctors actually use penis extenders as an alternative to surgery when it comes to penis extension.

And if it’s good enough for the doctor to use, surely it’s good enough for you to use?

Penis Enlargement doctors use penis extenders as an alternative to surgery, as it is a safer option that provides the same permanent results.

4. Safe to Use (It’s Been Proven)

There have been countless clinical studies and trials done on penis extenders, and the results have shown that they don’t just work… they keep your soldier safe!

Because they work in the same way building muscle at the gym works, you aren’t doing anything unnatural – you’re simply taking the safe steps to growing your penis using your body’s natural ability to create new tissue.

5. Comfortable to Wear

Alright, not all penis extenders are comfortable to wear! But if you get the right one like this one I got, you’ll find special comfort systems built into the device to ensure that the extension process is as comfortable and painless as possible.

6. Look – No Hands!

I love this about penis extenders… they’re nothing like those unpredictable penis pumps that have you working away for hours… you simply slide the device into place, let it do its thing, and do whatever you want during the process (although I don’t recommend going to the shops during your extension sessions, people might stare)!

My favourite thing to do was simply kick back and watch TV, and because my enlargement sessions were normally between 7pm-11pm, there was usually something good on.

WARNING: Not All Penis Extenders Provide the Same Results!

The advice I’ve given above only applies to equipment that’s been medically tested by professionals. I strongly urge you not to be tempted by a device that can’t prove its own safety through clinical endorsement – if you want a registered device that’s been proven to work, you should always do your homework (like I did with mine… and look at me now! 2.8 inches in length, 1.2 inches in girth… and the ladies love it!)

Do Your Homework: Why not read my in-depth review of SizeGenetics, the medically proven device I used to grow my own penis?