X4 Labs Review

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My name’s Daniel Nash, this is my review of the X4 Labs penis extender, the gold version; comes in a box like this. Now I haven’t actually used this device as you can see in some of my other reviews, but I’ve actually tried it out and tested it on comfortability, value for money and what you actually get with it.

The X4 Labs Device

This device here is the gold package; this is the penis extender, the comfort system on the front. Its 24 karat gold, obviously makes you feel a little bit better about yourself as well. If you are looking for penis enlargement, the comfortability of this is good.

I have actually tried it on, like I say, worn it around because with a penis extender you have to wear them sort of four to five hours a day at least when you’re committed, so it’s important that they’re comfortable and it is.

Which device you want all depends on your taste and budget, you could get the gold one or the normal one, but if you’re wearing it for that amount of time some people prefer something to look at that’s nice.

What Is Unique About It

Overall, it’s a sturdy device; the tension springs, depending on what package you’ve got, this one, personally, they go up to 1800 grams; basically the more tension springs, or the harder tension springs you get, the faster results you get.  1800 grams is actually quite a lot for a penis extender, but with the X4 extender you can actually buy up to 2100 grams, which is the largest, or the most powerful tension springs available out there on the market.

What You Get With X4 Labs

This device, you can actually get $75 off of it, as with any of the X4 packages. It also comes with this silicon harness on the front here, this is my personal comfort preference, but you can get different comfort systems with it. This is the silicon strap, and the harness here, you get four of each because sometimes the silicon can go slack after a while when you have been using it a lot, so it’s important to keep it tight obviously so you have got a few extras in there, you can just keep swapping them round.

You get an instructional DVD with this package, obviously you get more of the foam pads, you get some alcohol wipes, it’s obviously important to keep it clean when it’s around your genitals, or your penis, but like I say, it’s comfortable to wear.

The delivery process was fast and quick; it’s based in America, obviously I’m not from America myself, but shipping’s freely available in Canada and you can actually save $75 off the package, so if you’re shipping it somewhere else in the world, what money you save you can get it shipped for anyway.

If you’re looking for alternatives to some of the others I’ve used, it’s definitely worth investing in something like this. They do offer different packages, like I say, $75 off each package. This one actually come with some erotic sex positions, penis access, which are like penis exercises, which are quite good to use with them, and also some other positions as well. This is the display box it comes in, I mean, obviously with this package you get this, some of the others you don’t get the display box with. But it’s a penis extender, they all work the same, it all depends on how you do it, which you prefer.

Why Buy X4 Labs?

Overall, it depends on what you’re looking for. It was comfortable to wear, it’s actually medically approved as well, which is important for a penis extender, there are some out there, I’ve mentioned it in some of my videos, that are counterfeits or fakes because it’s such a big product now, people are selling them cheap, people are opting in for them and you don’t get the support with them and they have actually been known to break because of the cheap plastic or metal with them which is actually causing pain or serious injury to the wearers, so it’s important that you don’t buy them.

The support you get with X4 Labs is good, you can contact them directly, the warranty that you get with it, the money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you, it’s definitely worth investing that little bit extra for it, but like I say, you can get $75 off, the starter package is actually under $100, which is cheap for a penis extender.

It’s not the one I’ve personally used but obviously I’ve tested it on comfortability, value for money, it’s good value for money, depending on what package you get but with what you get with it as well, it’s definitely worth considering. You can actually see the different packages below in a table; see what prices they are and what you get with each package, what they offer. There’s also the $75 off discount code for you to use down there as well.

How To Avoid Scams And Get Real Results

I definitely recommend buying genuine, but with a penis extender, like I’ve said, I’ve had problems as well, it’s not the one I’ve personally used but it has been proven to work, obviously it wouldn’t be medically approved otherwise, but overall, generally in penis enlargement I do recommend using it, I spent more time in researching ways of enlarging my penis than I did in actually getting my gains. As long as you’re committed and you use them properly, four to five hours a day, there’s no reason why you can’t see gains with them.

Why You Should Use A Penis Extender

It’s actually a plea;  if you’re thinking about using a penis extender or you’re researching other ways or you’re unsure if you still want to do it then I definitely recommend it. It doesn’t just give you penis enlargement, it doesn’t just give you size on your penis, it gives you confidence, I never thought I was going to get a girlfriend, now I’ve got a girlfriend.

I never thought I could chat to women, now I’ve chatted to women; it’s the confidence that comes with it as well and the actual general happiness in life, so I will say, if you are thinking about doing it, take action and actually do it rather than thinking about it. I nearly didn’t do it in the first place, I nearly gave up researching it after a year and a half, but I’m glad I did.

All Your Questions Answered

If you’ve got any questions about the X4 Labs penis enlarger, or you want advice about general penis enlargement or you’ve just got a problem about the size of your penis and you’re still unsure about doing anything about it, you can actually contact me directly through this website via the contact tab; ask me any question you like there and I’ll be happy to answer it for you. Obviously anything you say to me is in confidence and I’ll be happy to help.

But if you are thinking about it, check below, you can check out some of my other reviews. If you are thinking about buying the X4, just do it. Without a doubt, instead of thinking about it, just do it and use it properly and you will see the gains, there’s no reason why you can’t. So thanks for listening guys, the aim of the site is here to help you guys out, but hopefully I’ll see you in some of my other videos and take care for now.

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